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Increase Your Blog Traffic

Submit Articles: Write articles that are related to your blog and submit them to popular articledirectories such as goarticle.com, ezinearticles.com, Isnare.com, Articledashboard.com and Articlealley.com. Quality articles may drive you a lot of free-targeted traffic.

Submit Directories: This isn't working to me but some bloggers claim that they gain a good amount of traffic from their listings in directories.

Submit Blog Directories: There are some blog directories such as blogadr.com, superblogdirectory.com, blogrankings.com, bloglisting.net and more. They are more healty to get free targeted traffic.

Comment on Related Blog’s Posts: Look for large traffic Blogs in your niche, visit them and leave your comments on their blogs posts. If you respond to a blog post promptly after it is posted and give a valuable response, people will click to view your website.

Link Exchange: Exchange links with other related blogs, is very effective and highly recommended for people starting a blog.

Social Bookmarking: Bookmark you blog posts in the large social bookmarking sites like Netscape.com, Digg.com, Simply and Reddit.com.

On-page Optimization: Make sure your blog's title tag and description tag contain your targeted keywords. When you have posted plenty of quality blog post and done a lot of blog promotion, don't be surprise to see your blog ranks top 10 in Google and get free search engine traffic daily.

Look for forums that has over 10,000 members and read the rules of the forums to see whether you can promote your blogs and websites in your signature.

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