In order to be an effective leader you have to have people to lead and these need to be the right people. Team building is important and so your ability to recruit either externally or internally is essential if you are going to be able to show off your true leadership skills.

Always try to look internally when you are putting a team together; look at those who you know have been active in developing their skills and those that have been willing to take on responsibility. People who have shown loyalty to the company and have put in effort to succeed are likely to be ideal candidates.

As a leader you are probably involved with several external organizations or professional communities. You will have built up a good relationship with many and will have been impressed with some. These external places are a terrific source for recruitment purposes. You already have a good understanding of a person, know what they do and have built up an element of trust. Make a note of those that interest you and make sure you have their contact details. When a vacancy occurs to build up your team you already have a supply of people you can make contact with.
Build up your own reputation of having good leadership skills. You will be surprised about how a reputation can get around. It can mean that the best people would like to work with you.

Importantly don’t build up your team full of like minded people; it won’t work. While a team has to work together, it is the different skills that each team member has that makes a team successful. Each member of your team should complement each other and have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It’s for you as the leader to get the best out of each person.

If you do have to recruit externally and can’t find someone with whom you have a connection or who comes recommended then you have no alternative than to start blind, so to speak. Take time to review each candidates CV carefully and make copious notes for you to refer to at the interview stage.

Try to interview with two people present. While it may appear a little daunting to the candidate it provides each interviewer with thinking time. There will always be plenty of questions to ask and you need to keep the interview flowing. You are meant to create pressure for the candidate to see how he or she behaves. You have very little time to get to know them and you can be sure that what you see isn’t going to be exactly what you get.

Make a shortlist of suitable candidates and call them back in again. It’s important to meet at least twice before hiring someone. Make sure you are clear as to what you expect from them and show clearly that you are leader and decision maker.

Above all, don’t rush into making a decision about which person to choose. It you are not happy with the selection then wait until the right person turns up.

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