The internet is a wonderful thing and many people would struggle to live without it in the 21st century; not to mention all of the businesses that wouldn’t be able to trade without it. We tend to use the internet for a lot of things these days; for finding out information, to keep in contact with friends and family and sometimes just for entertainment but it can also be used to make a bit of money on the side.

I’m sure all of us would snap up the chance to earn a bit more money if we had it presented to us but I’m here to tell you it has been in front of your eyes all along. There are many ways to make money online but here are three of the simplest.
Writing Reviews –

There are plenty of sites online that will pay you to write reviews that will then be placed on their website. Every company wants their products to be reviewed positively as this will ultimately increase sales and you can take advantage of this by offering your skills. You don’t even need to be a particularly good writer either, just chose to review something that you are interested in and then let your passion take over.
You will earn money per review which can then be paid to you in the form of Amazon vouchers or a cheque if you accumulate enough. It doesn’t just stop at products either; there are many other things to be reviewed like hotels, shops and restaurants.

Blogging –

According to recent statistics, there are over 2 million blog posts written everyday which just goes to show the power that blogging online now has. When it first started blogging was just a way to write about your passions and hobbies and post it online but now it is much more than that and can be a viable way of making some extra cash.

If you build up enough of a following then companies will pay you big money to advertise on your blog because they know they will be reaching large audiences. You can also charge businesses a fee in order for you to write a blog post on your site that sponsors one of their products or services to help them spread the word.
Sponsored Tweeting –

Do you feel like you are a big deal on social media sites such as Twitter? Well why not start making a bit of money just for tweeting to your many followers. gives you the opportunity to state exactly how much you want to charge per tweet and what you want to tweet about. All you have to do then is sit and wait for companies to contact you to tweet on their behalf.

Businesses know that Twitter allows you to reach a wide and varied audience almost instantly and therefore they will be willing to pay to have someone promote them through this platform. The good news also is that you can control the final wording of the tweet so you don’t end up having to tweet anything that you don’t agree with.
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Chris Mayhew works for internet marketing company Marketing By Web who do SEO in Bristol and has seen first hanmd how people can make money over the internet. He has experience in SEO, social media management and blogging which can all help you earn a significant income.

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