Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has greatly changed the communication among individuals and even on the marketing side. As the number one social network site in the world, Facebook is steadfastly growing bunking on the ever-growing popularity of virtual communication that encompasses personal, business and corporative relationships.

While Facebook may have turned the world upside down and partly affected how people perceive the effectiveness of personal communication, these are also the factors that have made it the new "it" thing in marketing. And for some - albeit, debate for its potentiality and security - the new online shopping tool.
These are positive factors that can be taken as advantages for companies who want to step up customer relations and social market viability of their products on Facebook.

There are three advantages to the way Facebook has changed company-customer relations:

The Emerging Social Shopping Trends:

Social shopping is an emerging trend. People already use to do it. Women go shopping together or they gather around in coffee shops and talk about their latest finds and buys. They compare prices and check out shops that sell the most affordable products. Only today, this practice has gone social and many people are obviously caught up with this.While Facebook is not a social shopping network, its users are predominantly online people. They log in to Facebook to share their thoughts on the most mundane things. It includes their new gadgets or products and what store did they buy them. They share to their friends what they love about a particular store or what pissed them off. That's free advertising and indirect product recommendation.
And almost always, Facebook friends buy what their friends are buying.

Facebook as a Customer Support Tool:

Customers who like a particular product or company support always find them to like a product or company page. Some customers even use company or product Facebook pages to post inquiries, issues and problems.If a company is quick to reply, the customer friends and other followers will be able to see the efficiency and excellent support of the company.

The Social Network Attitude:

While review sites are still the most reliable sites for most consumers in belting out their complaints or impressive reviews, it cannot be discounted that Facebook users also post their concerns or opinions regarding certain products. If a company or a product has impressed a customer immensely, it's certain that the customer is going to rave about the product for days - complete with pictures and anecdotes regarding her latest finds, be it a new Kindle or Be Present Capri pants. The more social media presence there is for a company, the more it can access its customers and potential customers in the social media. Tapping millions of Facebook membership for product marketing and sales is not an easy feat, though. Company will need to use effective tools in order to catch the attention of Facebook users and direct them to particular products. But, the gains are worth exerting efforts for. Facebook users are the most potentially active online customers who spend great amount of time browsing the net, checking new products and trends. And if they're impressed enough, they spend for products online.
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