Sales Hacks- 5 ways to tidy your business for 2013

  1. 1.       Spring Clean
Removing deadweight can lift your productivity, whether it’s old stock that won’t sell, antiquated sales techniques that no longer apply, or thinning out the sales line. Fewer but better always beats more yet shoddy. Doing something as basic as clearing your computer system of unnecessary items will naturally make you feel more efficient, simply by getting rid of clutter.
  1. 2.       Be brave
Why not? Success in this game is only for those who move with the times and stay current. No one is saying gamble on a blind hunch, but by taking intuitive decisions to alter things in favour of a new approach, you can modernise without causing a catastrophe. Playing it safe is not the worst thing in the world, but it means you will never excel. If mediocre, run of the mill is your aim then no problem- but he who dares wins.
  1. 3.       Square pegs in round holes
So we come to people management. Owning your own business and dealing with staff falls under the same category as a commission based sales rep dealing with customers. No one wants to be treated as a statistic. You don’t want to feel like the 100th person on a list, a chore to get through. Expecting your workforce to yield a standard output without considering individual factors will not benefit in the long run. A personalised approach takes more effort, granted, but the advantages are evident.
  1. 4.       The Sales Robot
Why are you bombarding information upon the unsuspecting public? Droning out the same script of why this particular product will change their lives will leave you (and by association your product) jaded with no real results. Get out there and speak with people, not at them. Find out what it is they want and they will respond better than you telling them what they need.
  1. 5.       The SACI Principle
SACI stands for Simple Actions, Consistently Implemented. Client relations are of course a big part of a business, but how often do you check back on existing customers to see if they’re still satisfied?  Do you have blogs, and if so are they published on a weekly basis?  These practises we all know about, but doing them is often a different story. You don’t have to move the earth to get better results, just look after the little things. Success is built on the back of many small achievements, not one huge one.

hannah Brankin has developped over years a whole set of management skills that has helped her kept her business in an efficient and productive way. She now writes about strategies in business development.

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