So you may have already decided to take the plunge and are looking on starting a website.  You already have your domain, web host, chosen platform, and all the other stuff you practically need to start it with.  Many try to create their own website, but only a percentage of those people succeed into making a solid mark in the industry.  How do they exactly do it?

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First, you may have already had a blogging platform or tool to use.  Let’s say WordPress.  Now, when you install it on your site, it has its own default theme.  Don’t get the me wrong, the theme looks good somehow, but your site definitely must have its own uniqueness with the design.  So whether you hire a professional web designer or you do the designing yourself, it is a must to change your site’s design.  Make it more like you, or better yet be creative enough to let the design be related to what your website’s all about.  We don’t want cartoon characters in a blog about cars, would we?  

Next, you really have to remember to make time to focus on fixing your blog.  You personalize everything, add a logo maybe, complete articles to put up to it (you definitely would not want it blank), put tags, keywords and all that stuff.  It’s time consuming, I know.  But it would definitely be worth it.  Don’t you think successful bloggers and website owners also put their time and effort for their blogs to begin with?

Now after the design, there goes the plugins to be used.  You have to know what exactly your website will need.  There are themes with built-in plugins installed with them, but every single blog has its own necessity, and therefore its own variety of plugins.  Would your site be focusing with social media?  Then you have to add plugins related to that.

If you have hired a website professional to do the design for you, make sure he/she also can be contacted for any problems with your site.  Because anytime these things arise, your potential visitors may stop visiting you.  Also if you yourself have your own queries about your site, you should definitely be able to clear them up by going around forums and other sites to look for answers.  Let Google be your best friend.

Now everything is complete with your site, check everything if they’re in the right place.  Never miss a detail when doing this.  You should know what a visitor feels when he/she suddenly get bugged by something wrong with a website he/she’s visiting, of course, the initial reaction would be – bye! 

Now let’s go to the serious part.  You definitely want to keep the visitors coming back.  You have to have unique articles people will enjoy reading.  You have to be creative but still right on your topic.  You should already have few things in mind while doing this website, or else you would have a beautiful site, with nothing in it.

If there are also things you cannot fully comprehend about your site just yet, either do not do it yet.  Let the first few days of your launch be a smooth ride.  And once everything goes into its place, do the complex stuff you left behind.

What I’ve listed above are just some tips though.  Every single blogger all started their own website from scratch, and though each and every successful one created their own journey, they only have one common thing – focus.  So get focused, and you’ll have your website in no time. 

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