What does a traditional holiday look like?

For millions around the world, it means you get onto an aeroplane, head off to a destination, and stay in the same hotel for a week or two while occasionally having a walk around your location, trying out the local food, and enjoying a relaxing lounge around the beach and poolside.
Tourism trends are changing however, and people are looking for more from the trips that they take, especially as the challenging economy means that most of us are taking less holidays than we were a decade ago, for example.
One way in which people are getting more from their holidays is to take touring trips around various locations, rather than stay in a fixed destination at all times. We explored the reasons why five, six, seven, or even more holiday destinations is better than one.

Sense of Adventure:

If you head off on a ‘traditional’ holiday, the journey there is something of an exciting adventure, but afterwards, your holiday rep tells you about the resort, and the excitement tends to come to a swift end.
By embarking on a driving holiday, you are never really at your final destination, and when you reach one location you are driven by the urgency to see everything you want to before heading off on the next stage of your journey.
You also aren’t likely to get bored due to staying in one place for an extended period of time, but you must remember to bring along activities for passengers if you do choose to drive, particularly little ones who will be itching to ask “are we there yet?”

Different Cultures:

Even if you travel around one country, such as Australia, a ‘road trip’ style of holiday enables you to experience many different ways of life, different customs and traditions that will open your eyes to how different people live their lives.
A diverse trip where you meet a lot of new people and make friends is surely more exciting than one where you stay in the same place every day for two weeks.

Avoiding ‘Tourists’:

Although going on holiday makes you a tourist, let’s be honest, every holiday has a group of people that you simply cannot wait to get away from. You hope to that they will soon be leaving, until it is pointed out to you that they were on the same flight as you and have booked the exact same package as your family.
When you’re travelling around, you are never in one place long enough to get irritated by anyone, as you are taken in by the excitement of where you are and the places you may be headed to next.

Is It Worth It?:

If you are looking for a break that has much more depth than a traditional holiday, then a driving trip is definitely a great option. Whether you are driving across a vast country such as Australia or the United States, or across continental Europe, you are guaranteed an experience to remember.

Rob is a travel writer with a keen interest in tourism around Australia and new tourist trends that are being led by the need for campervan relocations across the whole country.

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