The success of your business now lies in the hands of your customer. Today, aside from providing their thoughts on your business through word of mouth marketing, they’re also taking to popular social media sites and online review sites to share their opinions, and these opinions can have a major impact on your business.
It’s extremely important that your dealership start monitoring online review sites like Edmunds and DealerRater to ensure that your business is successful. By monitoring online review sites, you can learn exactly how your customers feel about your dealership, and you can also use the information to learn if there are areas that need improvement.

Most dealerships ignore monitoring review sites because they feel as if it’s too time consuming, but the following are three simple ways that your dealership can start to successfully monitor online review sites.

1. Claim your business.

Each and every online review site allows you to claim your business on its respective site. Claiming your business allows you to create your own business profile as well as respond to any reviews that are left for your business. But aside from simply being able to communicate with the reviewers, claiming your business page allows you to set up review notifications via email.

Every time a new review is generated (or when a comment is left on a past review) the respective review site will send you an email notification. You can determine if you want to receive these alerts on a daily, weekly or in real-time basis too. You will then know via email when a review was left (and what it said), which will allow you to take the necessary steps to thank the customer or learn more about their experience.

2. Use a monitoring tool.

There are monitoring tools out there that are made specifically to help you manage your review sites. Review Trackers is one of those tools that can help you monitor your sites without having to do much work. Instead, Review Trackers will scour the Internet in search for specific mentions of your business and will send you an email notification whenever they find something. Like the email notifications from the respective sites, Review Trackers will also allow you to determine how often you want to receive the notifications.
One of the many benefits of Review Trackers is that you don’t have to worry about claiming your business on all the review sites out there in order to receive notifications. Instead, Review Trackers will notify you whenever your company is mentioned on any review site, even those you have yet to claim.

3. Hire a community manager.

Because the use of online review sites is so popular, it’s a good idea to designate one specific employee to monitoring your company’s online review presence. This is why you may want to consider hiring a community manager. This individual will be in charge of not only watching the reviews that come in for your business and recording them appropriately, but they will also be in charge of responding to the reviews in a timely fashion. This can help make your customers feel as if you’re actually paying attention, and it can even help to alleviate a negative review from going viral.  Plus, by giving the responsibility to a designated individual, you will ensure a steady process and keep from piling the responsibility onto the plate of your other employees.

Garrett Payne is a professional reviews tracker who enjoys blogging.  He has recently been sharing information about car dealer review tracking.

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