The use of employee engagement surveys should help organization’s leadership to come up with a proper employee engagement program. It is always good to analyze and measure employee satisfaction and employee engagement if you are to improve the working conditions and atmosphere in your organization. It is however sad to note that despite the much time and money spent conducting employee surveys, many organizations to not move towards engagement and thus do not get any meaningful results as required. 

For any employee engagement survey to drive business results there is need to follow it up with a clear action plan and implementation. The action plan should be measurable and there should be follow-up which in return will bring increased productivity in the company. The action part of the survey should also be developed carefully and professionally to avoid aborting the objectives in place. 

How an action plan should be handled

To begin with, there should be clear communication between the individual managers and their team members. This communication will help the employees to own the process which is a recipe for success. Action planning should be approached one point at a time starting with the most critical points based on survey analysis. It is advisable that employee surveys should be conducted regularly or annually to allow for step by step improvement of the situations that might be affecting employee morale and output. It is good to include all the involved parties in the action plan stage if success is to be achieved.

How action planning should be handled for success

Review the survey results: - The first step towards a successful action plan should be to review the survey results with other management staff. This will give clarity to the survey theme helping the management to understand the organization’s key strengths and weaknesses that need to be improved on. 

Communicate results and review with employees: - Sharing the summary with the employees will help them know that their voices were not ignored. It will also help prepare them for the action plan. It is always important to assure the employees that their contributions are appreciated while at the same time preparing them for the process ahead.

Appoint a process coordinator: - There should be someone responsible for the action planning process and this person should be in human resources department. It is also important to come up with a task force team that will help handle any major issues that come up in the report. 

Come up with specific and clear goals: - One of the best ways to measure your action plan implementation should be to set clear goals on what needs to be improved in the organization based on the report. The goals should be measurable and specific and should have particular implementation time frame otherwise nothing concrete will happen.

Let every employee know their part: - The action planning stage will not only affect and involve the management but employees as well. It is good to give clear communication that will prepare employees for any expected changes while at the same time setting clear accountability requirements as part of action planning process. 

It is important to follow-up on the action plan process closely to ensure that everything is happening as it should. Additionally, there should be regular evaluation to measure the success of your action plans. This should be followed or accompanied by other surveys to see what more ought to be improved for better results. 

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