Can I Sell Products on My Blog?

You've got your blog set up, add-ons ready to impress and a great theme installed. Now you're ready to get blogging. Or maybe you've been blogging for a little while now and you have a question:

"Can I sell products on my blog?"

Why of course! You can do anything you want on your blog, it's your blog. If we dig deeper into the original question, you might be also looking for the answers to these questions:

"Will people be offended if I try to sell from my blog?"
"Is it likely I'll make good money selling from my blog?" or
"How do I go about making sales from my blog?"

All great questions. Let's cover them all.

Will People Be Offended If I Try to Sell From My Blog?

That really depends on how and what you sell. I am personally very partial to selling by attraction marketing. That means I give out a lot of free information so that I will attract the right kind of people to my blog. Then I make recommendations that are highly useful to my readers. There's no offense in selling this way.

On the other hand if you decided to throw up a blog full of great, free content in order to build a loyal readership and then all of a sudden you begin hammering them with offer after offer it's likely you'll annoy a few people.

Is It Likely I'll Make good Money Selling From My Blog?

There are many bloggers who make a full time living from their blog. Whether you will or not is going to depend on you and the choices you make. If someone's trying to tell you that you can get rich overnight with blogging or internet marketing be wary.

Blogging is simply another online marketing method, it's not a quick fix. You need a solid plan and to be extremely diligent with your testing and tracking. That way when you hit on something that really works you'll know it immediately and be able to repeat your efforts.

How Do I Go About Making Sales on my Blog?

Sales won't just happen. You can't just stick up a link or a banner ad that says 'buy this' and have people flocking with credit cards in hand. The first thing you'll need is a sales and marketing plan. Then you'll need to create a content plan. You'll have to build your content around topics that promote the products or services you want to sell through your blog. Reviews work great for making sales and you can certainly add them in with your posts. You won't want to make every post a review unless that is the actual format of your blog.

Need more tips on how to set up, grow and profit from your blog?

Then be sure to check out the free Beginner's Guide to Blogging and weekly emails tips where I share a lot of great information on how to build, grow and profit with a WordPress blog.

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